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Recruitment Process

Job Details

Job Title Doctor of Medicine (clinic)
Job Type Full-time
Department The Office of Human Resources Management
Date Posted 01 Aug 2022
Job Description

Office of Human Resources Management is seeking qualified candidates to take the following responsibilities:

    • Carry out first aids & handle emergencies
    • Be in charge of medical examination and treatment for staff and students
    • Play a role as health consultant for staff and students
    • Make plans to prevent the diseases as well as epidemic (if any)
    • Perform other tasks as assigned by heads of HRM office
Requirements QualificationCandidates must hold Doctor of Medicine degree from highly ranked university

Major:  Preventive Medicine, Traditional medicine, or General medicine


  • English: Ability to communicate with patients in English (basic level)
  • Computer: Proficiency in M.S offices
  • Other(s): Practicing Certificate, First Aids, Communication

Experience: at least 1 year working at clinics, medical centers, hospitals, etc

  • Be available to work at the beginning of academic year 2022-2023
  • Be ready on duty at weekends (if any)

 (*) Note: Please follow 2 steps as below

  1. fill in application form via https://forms.gle/va2dPYt4qSHTjCxQ6 and attach your CV/resumé (for more details) as well as all documents mentioned in google form
  2. email HR team at recruitment@hcmiu.edu.vn with subject "Doctor (clinic) - your name", and the content is your cover letter
Application Deadline 31 Aug 2022